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All Areas Flat Rate Spring Clean Move Out/In
Cobweb Removal
Light Tidy Up
Extensive Tidy Up ( Max 30 mins)
Empty Bins
Dust Skirting Boards/Window Sills/Doors
Wipe Skirting Boards/Window Sills/Doors
Clean Doors
Clean Accessible Light Switches/Power Points
Dust All horizontal Surfaces( Picture Frames)
Dust/Clean Mirrors
Air Freshen/Deodorise (Optional)
Vacuum/Clean Soft Furnishing
Vacuum Accessible Areas Under Beds/Couches/Furniture
Clean Ceilings
Lightly Dust Blinds
Vacuum/Wipe Visible Window Tracks/Sills
Clean Outside Cabinet Doors
Vacuum/Mop All Accessible Floors
Scrub/Clean Bath
Scrub/Clean Shower
Scrub/Clean Sinks
Wipe Down Benches
Clean Mirrors to steak free finish
Clean/Polish Tapware and Chrome
Wipe Down Cupboards (exterior)
Remove any Rubbish Bins
Sanitise Toilet & Cistern
Scrub Wall Tiles/Grout
Clean Ceiling Exhaust Fans
Inside All Drawers/Cabinets
Clean Stovetop
Clean Rangehood (exterior)
Clean Underside of Rangehood
Clean Exhaust Fans/Filters
Clean/Wipe All Bench Tops
Clean Visible Appliances (exterior)
Clean Splash Back
Clean/Polish Tapware
Scrub/Clean Sink
Clean Inside/Outside Microwave
Clean Cupboards (exterior)
Polish Stainless Steel Surfaces
Dust All Surfaces
Remove Food / Debris & Wipe Inside Dishwasher
Inside Oven
Inside All Drawers/Cabinets
Bedrooms/Living Areas
Tidy Up Beds
Dust/Wipe All Surfaces
Inside All Drawers/Cabinets
Wardrobe mirrors
Extra Services Provided Prices
Spring Clean $50 - $80
Move out/In /End of Lease $159 -$239
Inside Drawers/Cabinets $29 - $49
Inside Oven $39
Inside Fridge $25
Inside Windows $45 - $79
Change Bed Linen $10/bed
Use Disinfectant Product TEMPORARILY FREE
Balcony Clean $30
Green Supplies $5